Open Energy Dashboard News

Release of OED version 0.6.0

2 March 2021

OED is pleased to announce the release of version 0.6.0. This is the first major release in a while. It contains many new features including:

Graphics Changes

Other Changes

This release marks to continued progress of OED. We expect to have 1-2 more releases over the next half a year that will contain new features and enhancements of the current features. OED is moving toward release 1.0 which will move OED away from just displaying electricity to being able to display all resource types such as water (volume), gas (energy), recycling (weight), etc. OED will also be able to display resources in many ways such as usage (kWh, volume, etc.), cost (money), CO2, etc. Sites will be able to use local units for each item, e.g., metric or English units, cost in local currency, etc. While the target date is not yet set we hope this will be completed within the year.