Release Information

For more information on the features discussed on this page see our feature page.

0.3 Release (released 13 February 2018)

Version 0.2 (released 8 November 2017)

Version 0.2 is the first major release of the software and adds the ability to acquire, store, and display information about electric meter data. Specifically:

Known issues of significance


You can visit our GitHub repository to see issues and find the ongoing status for each issue. What follows is a summary of our plans for upcoming releases and, for some items, the status of that effort. This was last updated on 7 February 2019.

0.5 Release plans with a target release in January February 2019 (significant features that user can observe or may be interested in)

Update: During final testing of the OED release 0.5, an issue was encountered that causes the system to work incorrectly in some cases. It is related to how the database is being accessed (see GitHub issues/pull requests if interested in the details). A plan to correct the issue has been made and is being implemented. It requires changes to a substantial number of files due to involving all database connections. The updated timeline is the changes will be made and verified about mid-February. OED will then go back into final validation for one week. This will put the release date of version 0.5 toward the end of February. We are sorry for this delay but want to be certain that OED performs as advertised and without any known issues.

1.0 Release plans with a target release in second half of 2019 (significant features that user can observe or may be interested in where the exact features of this release are still in flux)
1.1 Release plans where these are important features that we plan to implement after 1.0 release (significant features that user can observe)
Actively under development but time frame unknown

You can influence our upcoming features by becoming involved. We also have a list of feature requests that we have yet to decide to implement that can be seen here.